Our services for your district heating system (DHS)

Analysis and optimization of district heating systems

Degradation or unsatisfactory performance of a DHS may have different causes – deterioration of pipelines is only one out of many. Often heat sources work inefficiently or are not utilized properly, heat stores operate ineffectively, individual large consumers spoil the return temperature,… the list of possible issues is long.  We put district heating systems to the test und show you the potentials of your system and what you need to do to eliminate unnecessary loss of efficiency and to increase the economic viability of your DHS.

Performance Monitoring of district heating systems

Identifying the optimization potentials of a district heating system in operation and developing suitable measures to increase the performance is no easy task. Prioritization of heat sources, control of main and distribution pumps, operation of heat storage systems as well as monitoring and control of the system temperatures are only a few examples of operational aspects that directly influence performance of the DHS and durability of its components. A static review of the key performance indicators may not reveal the real cause for efficiency losses.
With a systematic performance monitoring program, the dynamic operating conditions of a DHS can be analyzed continuously and optimization potentials can be identified, allowing for the development of effective optimization measures. Month by month, year by year. Based on a simple subscription model, if you so whish. Sounds expensive? You will be surprised!

fP-Certification for DHS

The „Energieeinsparverordnung“ limits the primary energy consumption of buildings. As accredited verifier we can assess and certify the primary energy factor of your district heating system according to AGFW Arbeitsblatt FW 309-1. No matter whether you are running a small-scale or community-sized DHS, our certification service is fast, qualitative and cost-effective. With a certified primary energy factor your customers can prove the yearly primary energy consumption of their building, which is an important argument for connecting to your DHS.